Thursday, December 11, 2008

Arboreally Speaking, Cleveland Rocks!

So we just decorated our recently acquired 7&1/2 foot silver tip Christmas Tree. As a kid we had a silver aluminum Christmas tree for years until my family procured a green plastic tree. In the picture you can see and enjoy the kitschy wonderfulness of our original tree.

Note: parents, do not dress your children like this.

As we kids got older we rebelled and insisted we get a “real” tree. So our parents got us a small tree to decorate but the large plastic tree still held the place of honor in the living room. As an adult our tree has been decorated with my wife’s classic-style ornaments clashing with my pop culture taste (a Yellow Submarine, various rock instruments, Classic Christmas TV Specials, etc...). Now, with children it has taken an increasingly bizarre turn for novelty with no less than 3 different Godzilla ornaments and a Monster Inc. ornament where I replaced Boo’s lost head with a Pikmin character’s head. My wife’s traditional glass Santa Claus ornaments cower in fear. Of course, the boys think it’s the coolest ornament ever.

Let’s give thank to the good pastor Henry Schwan of Cleveland, Ohio for starting this Christmas Tree decorating thing back in 1851 and enjoy some of the cooler Christmas Tree Tunes.

This one is truly “the bomb” from 1907, it’s:
O Tannebaum by The Nebe Quartette

Christmas Trees had a hard time getting accepted during their history. The
church considered them pagan. I think the pagans would’ve loved these two rockabilly numbers about Christmas Trees (that’s how they rolled):
The Rocking Tree by Marguerite Trina

Rock Around the Christmas Tree by Big Bud

"Trim up the tree with Christmas Stuff like bingle balls and whofoo fluff..."
Dr. Suess

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